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Why we love Start Rite...

Cheeky Monkeys founder has been selling Start Rite shoes for over 20 years, but that's not long when you consider the Start Rite company started in 1792! Start Rite describe their shoes as: 

Here to help kids move... for the chair to chair cruisers and wobbly wanderers. The social butterflies and playground performers. To make sure children never stop exploring, with footwear that gives them the freedom to go where they want, how they want. 

Pioneering pedigree... Child-shaped, age-specific lasts. Precise multi-width fittings. Professionally trained expert shoe fitters. All pioneered by the Start Rite team. 

Experts in little feet... Children's feet. Small yet complex. Unique and constantly developing. 

Quality built in... The only thing you can predict when it comes to kids is that they're unpredictable. 

Start Rite shoes are put through rigorous tests. no stone is unturned in their mission to make soft softer, to toughen up the tough, to put more bend in the bendy. Because children with big ideas need shoes with high standards.

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Luxurious socks and tights

We love the selection of children's socks and tights from the Spanish designer, Carlomagno. Oozing  quality, made with a long tradition and experience, artisan socks decorated by hand, in a wide range of colours, using the best quality materials, with new innovation in every collection.

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Fun, bright and comfortable

The beautiful colourful boys and girls clothing from the Frugi children's collection has been a favourite at Cheeky Monkeys for many years. We are proud to stock a great range of kids clothing from the award-winning, 100% organic and ethical kidswear label, Frugi. Available in sizes newborn to 8 years; soft, bright and Frugi wears incredibly well. Frugi clothing is not scratchy and waistbands won't pinch, so you can dress your little ones in gorgeous clothing that they'll love. Browse the easy-to-wear collection from Frugi at Cheeky Monkeys today.

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Spanish style

We love the vibrant and refreshing quality in our Mayoral boys, girls and baby collections. Leading Spanish kidswear brand Mayoral combines a strong designer look that is bursting with personality and style and at incredibly affordable price tag - it's certainly a winning combination!

Our gorgeous range of Mayoral clothing includes fun, colourful everyday outfits and accessories for babies and children of all ages from newborn to 14 years of age, as well beautiful pieces, perfect for special occasions. Shop our full range in the Mayoral online shop.

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