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  1. Mayoral Boys Formal Shorts 3225
    Prices start from £28.99
  2. Mayoral Boys Baby Short Set 1212
    Prices start from £35.99
  3. Mayoral Boys Blue Trousers 512
    Prices start from £21.99
  4. Mayoral Boys Patterned Shirt 3131
    Prices start from £20.99
  5. Mayoral Boys Shirt and Bowtie 3164
    Prices start from £27.99
  6. Mayoral Boys Baby Waistcoat 2458
    Prices start from £27.99
  7. Mayoral Boys Blazer 4474
    Prices start from £51.99
  8. Mayoral Boys Waistcoat 4465
    Prices start from £29.99
Set Descending Direction


Special occasions

Boys - it's time for smart clothes in our collection of affordable luxury outfits

Especially selected for you from our favourite designers for boys on-trend fashion, including Joules, Mayoral, Pretty Originals and Sarah Louise. Choose from styles including smart shirts, waistcoats, trousers, jackets and blazers, in blue, grey, navy and white. Ideal boys outfits for weddings, and other special occasions.