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  1. Joules Boys Shark Wellies
    Prices start from £18.00 Regular Price £24.95
  2. Joules Boys Multi Stripe Wellies
    Prices start from £24.95
  3. Joules Baby Boys Red Dino Wellies
    Prices start from £21.95
  4. Joules Baby Boys Blue Dino Wellies
    Prices start from £21.95
  5. Joules Girls Bright Orange Wellies
    Prices start from £24.95
  6. Joules Girls Grey Floral Wellies
    Prices start from £24.95
  7. Joules Girls Baby Unicorn Wellies
    Prices start from £21.95
  8. Joules Girls Pink Gloves
    Prices start from £12.95
  9. Joules Girls Stripe Gloves Ailsa
    Prices start from £12.95
  10. Joules Boys Finley Motorbike Top
    Prices start from £16.95
  11. Joules Girls Mish Mash Floral Top
    Prices start from £19.95
  12. Joules Girls Sleepwell Cat Nap Pyjamas
    Prices start from £15.00 Regular Price £24.95
  13. Joules Fairdale Floral Sweatshirt
    Prices start from £22.95
  14. Joules Boys Navy Jet Cord Trousrs
    Prices start from £32.95
  15. Joules Boys Red Blue & Green Dinosaur Waterproof Coat
    Prices start from £24.99 Regular Price £42.95
  16. Joules Boys Padabout Stripe Slippers
    Prices start from £12.00 Regular Price £16.95
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Joules clothing for girls, boys and baby

Colourful and hardwearing children's designer clothing collection

Our selection of boys, girls and baby clothing from Joules is perfect for parties and playtime. Eye-catching, high quality and individually designed range of kid’s clothes is just right for boys who rarely sit still. Kid’s clothes from Joules are designed to last with hand-me-down worthy quality firmly in mind and simply too good for only one child to get the wear out of.

For boy’s, Joules fashion is centred around clothes that he can get out and about in – from waterproof jackets for our great British downpours to warm quilted or padded gilets and coats that will beat even the coldest snap of weather. Some of the most popular kid’s clothing for boys at Joules includes our polo and rugby tops, tough jeans, trousers, sweatshirts and jumpers.

For girls, our selection of bright, high quality and uniquely designed kid’s clothes are just right for girls on the go. With an emphasis on styles, colours and unique prints that she’ll love. Joules kid’s clothing designers keep an eye on girl’s fashion and create clothing that is sure to delight her – and you. From fun jumpers and robust leggings that are perfect for pairing with tunics or skirts - ideal for girls who’ve got trees to climb and fences to jump, to jeans, eye-catching graphic t-shirts and party-ready dresses.

For baby, our selection has everything that is needed for new arrivals, older bundles of joy and toddlers who are up and about, finding their feet. Baby clothing at Joules is made from high quality soft to the touch fabrics that are suitable for a baby’s needs. Our collection of newborn baby clothes includes comfy easy-to-wear sets. You’ll also find essentials such as hats, mittens, bibs and muslin cloths, along with soft slippers, waterproof puddle suits and cosy pram suits to keep out any draughts.

Our gorgeous range of Joules clothing includes fun, colourful everyday outfits and accessories for babies and children of all ages from newborn to 14 years of age. Shop our Joules collection online at Cheeky Monkeys today.