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  1. Sarah Louise Red Dress 4001
    Prices start from £39.99 Regular Price £69.99
  2. Sarah Louise Red Velvet Dress 4000
    Prices start from £35.00 Regular Price £59.99
  3. Sarah Louise Checked Dress 011393
    Prices start from £59.99
  4. Sarah Louise Checked Dress 011372
    Prices start from £55.00
  5. Sarah Louise Frilly Knickers Ivory
    Prices start from £12.99
  6. Sarah Louise Frilly Knickers Pink
    Prices start from £12.99
  7. Sarah Louise Frilly Knickers White
    Prices start from £12.99
  8. Sarah Louise Girls Baby Smocked Dress 011397
    Prices start from £40.00 Regular Price £59.99
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Sarah Louise boys and girls collection

Finest quality boys, girls and baby clothing from designer Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise have built a family business in Lancashire, based on the relentless pursuit of the very finest quality in every aspect of each garment and accessory in our range and by asking the further question: how can they make the next collection even better? Sarah Louise begin with the very best. That means finding the finest fabrics, utilising the skills of the most innovative and imaginative designers and having a quality control regime that demands nothing less than perfection. Take any garment and it will tell a story, perhaps in terms of the detailed hand embroidery, the extent that a motif is developed and utilised or, in a seemingly simple design, the way that the stitching and finishing are lovingly handled each one unique in its originality, truly hand made. For this season they have captured beautiful shades and colours.

Classic tartan dresses, smocked dresses, baby shorts sets and frilly knickers are all available at Cheeky Monkeys where you will find fun, elegance and style, rich and vibrant colour and, above all, the outstanding quality that continues to make the name Sarah Louise synonymous with the very best. We're sure you'll enjoy the collection.