Spanish style

We love the vibrant and refreshing quality in our Mayoral boys, girls and baby collections. Leading Spanish kidswear brand Mayoral combines a strong designer look that is bursting with personality and style and at incredibly affordable price tag - it's certainly a winning combination!

Our gorgeous range of Mayoral clothing includes fun, colourful everyday outfits and accessories for babies and children of all ages from newborn to 14 years of age, as well beautiful pieces, perfect for special occasions. Shop our full range in the Mayoral online shop.

About Mayoral 

Mayoral has over 75 years of history producing quality childrens clothing. Spanish company Mayoral´s strategy is to promote its design and brand with personality and style by creating high quality garments at the best possible price. Mayoral produce more than 30 million garments a year!

Mayoral is a leader in the children´s apparel industry. Mayoral designs, manufactures, sells and distributes children´s apparel in more than 75 countries

Mayoral is a part of the Ethical Trading Initiative, Business Alliance, Trade Unions and ONGs that work to improve the labor conditions for those dedicated to the production of consumer goods worldwide but are in poverty and therefore vulnerable to unfair conditions.

Mayoral also signed The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, which has also been signed by more than 170 large multinational brands of textile distribution. The global unions, IndustiALL and the UNI, which are supported by the most important ONGs dedicated to defending the rights of workers. This agreement covers more than 1,700 garment factories.

Offering customers a safe product is one of Mayoral main goals. To meet the highest standards of physical security, mechanical and chemical, our controls and checkpoints are exhaustive in every step of the production chain, from design to the development of the final product.

In relation to physical security, Mayoral monitors its compliance with existing regulations in relation to strings and adjustable cords. To check for mechanical and chemical safety, accredited laboratories analyze the final product at different stages of production to ensure their compliance with major regulations.

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